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A Little Bit About Us

Duniya Studio is currently operating out of the following locations:

  • Online classes only for the foreseeable future.
  • Studio X, 122- 250 City Centre Avenue (map), Ottawa, ON K1R 1C7
  • Hall A at John G. Mlacak Community Centre (map), 2500 Campeau Dr, Kanata K2K 2W3

It is our pleasure and privilege to share the beauty and joy of dance with you.

All of the Duniya Studio teachers have many years of experience in dance and training from renowned master dance instructors. Based on a foundation of high-quality dance technique, they provide safe movement instruction and relevant cultural information.

Classes welcome teens and adults of all genders from beginners to advanced levels.

Most importantly, classes are always fun, fun, fun!

Meet Our Team

Current Instructors










Former Instructors (but still our friends!)





Jocelyne "Jehane" Khan

In starting Duniya Studio in 2014, Jocelyne brought together her life-long passion for movement, music, and dance of all kinds, along with her appreciation for the arts and cultures of countries from all across the globe. Opening Duniya Studio has allowed her to bridge her artistic side with her strategic vision, organizing skills, and tireless work ethic.

Jocelyne is known for organizing a long list of successful community dance events in Ottawa-Gatineau, including: many workshops with guest instructors; open student dance nights at restaurants; theatre shows; assisting her dance teachers Denise and Ahmed Enan with bringing three tour groups of dance enthusiasts to Egypt; initiating the popular Ottawa-Gatineau Shimmy Mob by organizing the first Bellydance flash mob event at Ottawa City Hall and Parliament Hill in 2015 and 2016; and, in 2016 and 2018 co-organizing the popular Ottawa Souk (formerly known as the Ottawa Dancers' Bazaar which was created by Halyma).

Jocelyne is a member of UNESCO International Dance Council (CID), the Ontario Chapter of the Canadian Alliance of Dance Artists (CADA) and the Association Québecoise de la Danse Orientale (ADQO). She previously served on the non-profit board of the Enan Egyptian Troupe, and with the executive of the Ontario Middle-Eastern Dance Association (OMEDA). She also served on the board of directors of the Humanics Institute, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting multi-cultural multi-faith tolerance. She holds a Bachelor of Arts (concentration English, minor Communications) from the University of Ottawa, a Certificate in Change Leadership from Cornell University, and a Masters in Public Administration (Management) from Dalhousie University.

She trained in ballet, tap and jazz for 12 years, starting at the age of five, with the Elaine Hunter School of Dance, and as an adult has also explored classes in Indian Dance, Flamenco, Hatha Yoga, Nritya Yoga, Ballroom dance, and Tai Chi. She joined her first Bellydance class in 1996, immediately moving to take several classes of per week with multiple instructors, eventually finding her way in 2001 to Egyptian style Oriental and folkloric dance under the instruction of internationally renowned Eyptian dance master instructor Denise Enan from the National Folkloric Troupe of Egypt (Firqa Kaoumeia). She continues her training through workshops with master instructors in Egypt, Canada and the USA, including (among many others); Hassan Khalil, Khariya Maazin, Mahmoud Reda, Raqia Hassan, Faten Salama, Nada El Masriya, Karim Nagi, Simon Sarkis, Raed Abdelghany, Sahra Saeeda, Cassandra Shore, Hadia, Jalilah Zamora Chamas, Amalia Maksoud, and Aziza.

To build her dance teaching skills, she has completed Studio Mouvance's Formation des professeures de danse orientale, and Hadia's Oriental Dance Instructor Training Program. She has also completed training in delivering classroom instruction and facilitation techniques, and has experience teaching and facilitating workshops in non-dance topics. Jocelyne has taught ongoing dance classes and special workshops since 2002 at various locations across the Ottawa-Gatineau region, as well as making a special appearance teaching dance classes on a Royal Caribbean International cruise in 2009.

For many years, Jocelyne (under the performer name Jehane) was an Oriental Dance solo performer in Ottawa-Gatineau (2002-2018), as well as a member of the Enan Egyptian Folkloric Troupe (2002-2016) and The Ottawa Zaffeh Group (2016-2017). She has performed across Ontario and Quebec, and in Prince Edward Island as a soloist and with dance colleagues and ensembles.

Jocelyne is taking a pause from teaching for now, but is still taking care of the administrative side of Duniya Studio.


Cathy began her Egyptian dance training with Denise Enan, the world-renowned master instructor of Egyptian dance and perform principal dancer of Egypt's National Folkloric Troupe, in 1977. She went on to perform professionally as a Oriental dance soloist for many years in the Ottawa, Montreal and Toronto areas, and worked with many celebrated musicians including Chafic Hashim, Ousama Naja, and Hashim el Khayaat, to name a few, and popular singers Tony Hanna, Amin Himo, and Wadih Safi.

Cathy was a founding member of the Enan Egyptian Troupe and the professional Lebanese dance troupe, Banaat Sahara, in Ottawa before moving to the Middle East where she stayed for seven years. Living there gave her the opportunity to absorb the language and culture, and observe Lebanese music and dancing in its home country.

Since her return to Canada she has been performing and teaching both Egyptian and Lebanese Bellydance and folklore. Cathy has more than 40 years of performance and teaching experience. She also offers private and semi-private instruction through her home studio, Studio Phoenicia.

Cathy is also a dedicated fitness enthusiast and marathon runner. Contact Cathy directly at, connect with her on Facebook, or view her full CV of dance experience on LinkedIn. Cathy has been a valued member of the Duniya team since we opened in 2014.

Gwen "Gela"

Gwen is an award-winning dancer, taking the gold medal and audience choice awards in the Diva Category at AQDO's Raks Quebec Festival 2019.

She began studying this beautiful art form in 2001 and has taught Belly dance classes for over 10 years. Her passion for the dance has led her to pursue private coaching and take numerous workshops with some of the best dancers in the world.

She looks forward to continuing to share her knowledge and passion with others.

Gwen has been a valued member of the Duniya team since 2019, and also teaches classes in Renfrew and Arnprior.

Contact Gwen directly at or connect with her on Facebook.



Please welcome Duniya studio's newest team member!

Vera Sagram is a Raqs Sharqi (Bellydance) performer, teacher, and lifelong student.

Throughout her career she has performed for cultural events, festival stages, restaurants, and homes for various celebrations.

She is passionate about helping dancers see their innate grace and femininity and to feel safe expressing it through dance.

Former member of the Duniya Team


Audrey grew up in France where she started ballet at the age of three. In her teenage years she learnt jazz and modern dance. She participated in many successful competitions and dance shows. In 2013 she moved to the UK and had the opportunity to become a professional dancer. As one of the former members of the 3Motion performance group, she performed on numerous occasions in Bristol and Bath. She was also involved in several shows with Bristol Opera. Besides, she taught her own contemporary dance classes for several years. While in England, Audrey discovered the Graham technique and fell in love with it. She particularly enjoyed offering Graham technique workshops to undergraduate students at Gloucester university. After moving to Canada, she took intensive classes with the Martha Graham school of contemporary dance to perfect her technique and teaching. She currently runs Graham technique and modern dance workshops and classes in the Ottawa area.

Audrey a commencé à prendre des cours de danse classique à l’âge de trois ans, en France. Durant son adolescence elle a appris la danse moderne et le jazz. Elle a participé avec succès à de nombreuses compétitions ainsi qu’à des spectacles. Audrey a déménagé au Royaume-Uni en 2013 et y est devenue danseuse professionnelle. Elle a fait partie des premiers membres du groupe 3Motion et s’est produite à maintes reprises à Bristol et à Bath. Elle a également dansé lors de plusieurs représentations de l’Opéra de Bristol. En plus de son implication dans des spectacles, elle a enseigné la danse contemporaine et moderne. Audrey a découvert la technique Graham alors qu’elle était en Angleterre et s’est immédiatement prise de passion pour cette technique. Elle a notamment eu l’occasion de l’enseigner lors d’ateliers pour les étudiants de l’Université de Gloucester. Après avoir déménagé au Canada, elle a suivi des cours intensifs avec l’école Martha Graham pour perfectionner sa technique et son enseignement. Audrey offre actuellement des cours et des ateliers de technique Graham et de danse moderne dans la région d’Ottawa.

Contact Audrey directly at or connect with her on Facebook.



Former member of the Duniya Team

Taheya began her dance training at the age of three, and continued classical ballet with some modern and jazz training for 12 years, most notably with ballet instructor Maki Kabayama (former dancer of the National Ballet of Canada and instructor of international folkloric dance). In 2004, Taheya discovered Egyptian bellydance with internationally renowned Egyptian dance master instructor Denise Enan, and joined the Enan Egyptian Troupe that same year. Since then, she has continued her training with Denise, while taking various workshops with distinguished Bellydance teachers such as Luna, Aziza and Hadia.

In 2007, Taheya toured Egypt with Denise and members of the Ottawa-Gatineau Belly dance community to learn and experience the diverse cultures and traditions in dance (and in life) this country has to offer. While there, she met some of Egypt's most renowned dancers, instructors and costume designers, and participated in a variety of dance performances. These experiences enriched Taheya's passion and understanding of various Egyptian dance styles, including raqs sharqi (also known as "oriental dance" or "bellydance") and many traditional folkloric styles.

Taheya taught Egyptian bellydance classes with a folkloric twist at various studios in the Ottawa-Gatineau region. In addition to performing with the Enan Troupe, she performed as a Bellydance soloist and with Egyptian and Lebanese dance colleagues at weddings and other special occasions. Taheya was a valued member of the Duniya team from 2014 to 2016.

Connect with Taheya on Facebook.


Former member of the Duniya Team


Aletta Maslova has performed in Russia (former Soviet Union) since the age of three and has won top prizes at international children's competitions since the age of four. By the age of 16 she completed her studies at the State Center of Aesthetic Training in Russia and the Grace Dance Academy where she gained a massive knowledge of Classical Ballet, Ballroom Latin and Modern Dances and Belly dance and won the title of “Best Latin Performer” along with the 1st place in the regional “Fiebre Latina 2008” Dance Competition with her partner.

She earned a B.A. degree from the State Center of Aesthetic Training where she was voted “Best Student-Teacher of the State Center of Aesthetic Training” in 2010 by her colleagues and students, and “Best Choreographer of the Year” in 2013 by UNFPA. As a solo Belly dance performer Aletta won the title as “The most artistic performer” and became a finalist of the country-wide Belly Dance Extravaganza 2007.

Aletta actively took part in organizing the First National Choreography Open Festival in Turkmenistan and “Fiesta” dance competitions which were funded to support and promote young talents and supply an open stage for performers and choreographers and became the most expected events of the year in the region today. In 2009 Aletta became the main trainer and choreographer of the popular RitMix dance troupe which was awarded as “The best Dance Team” in 2011 and for “The best Dance Choreography” in 2012.

Aletta started her teaching experience in 2008 at Gymnasium high school in Russia, specializing in Liberal arts. Before moving to Canada in 2013 she was instructing fitness and dance group lessons for adults and children in the capital’s top fitness centers “Lotus Health Club” and “Pulse”. Since moving to Ottawa, Aletta offers group and private lessons for children and adults among with the choreography assistance in different dance styles like Ballroom Latin and Modern, Latin social and Belly dance. Aletta is happy with her hard work and believes that a talent, proper orientation in education, and motivation are the keys to a successful life and profession.

Aletta was a valued member of the Duniya team from 2016 to 2018

Connect with Aletta on Facebook.



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