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Duniya Studio on Facebook
Duniya Studio on Twitter
Jehane Khan - instructor, performer, event organizer, and owner of Duniya Studio
Jehane Khan on Facebook
Cathy, Bellydance instructor and performer, on Facebook
Studio Phoenicia - Cathy's home studio
Aletta, award-winning salsa dancer, bellydancer, and dance instructor on Facebook
Golden Flame Dance Company, latin dance lessons in Ottawa
Taheya, Bellydance instructor and performer, on Facebook
Studio X Ottawa - location for Duniya's downtown Ottawa classes
Oasis de la danse - the original home base for authentic Egyptian dance in Canada
Denise Enan Egyptian dance master and teacher to Jocelyne, Cathy and Taheya
Enan Egyptian Troupe - authentic Egyptian folkloric dance
Ottawa Zaffeh Group - dynamic and energetic Lebanese dance
Bellydance Empire - costumes, accessories, Arabic translation, music editing, and dance photography
doCod: danse orientale Canada oriental dance group on Facebook - networking for Canadian dancers
Ottawa-Gatineau Bellydance group on Facebook - networking for Ottawa and Gatineau dancers
Howard Sandler Photography - talented photographer of dancers and performance events
Ken Armstrong Web & Graphic Design - designer of this site and creator of the Duniya Studio logo

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